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Hi, I’m Dr. Kendrick Carroll, and in my eventful 33 years of life, I’ve learned quite a bit about overcoming adversity. We all face challenges, and my intention of sharing my story is to inspire you to believe it is possible to overcome the obstacles we face in life. Raised in the midst of domestic violence and abuse, I’ve overcome earth-shaking tragedies such as the murder of my mother. Throughout it all, the one running theme I’ve held onto my entire life is I have always refused to give up regardless of my rough start In life, all of the doubt from family, friends, and the teachers who counted me out.
After failing grade-school, I lacked reading comprehension but still entered the military at the age of 18. 10 years later of active duty and early retirement led me to pursue and to obtain four degrees focused on business and technology. Now, as the founder and CEO of BSI Solutions and Creative Relief Solutions, I have helped several entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their ambitions and aspirations.
With all those accomplishments, my greatest life achievement thus far is being able to share my story of tragedy to triumph in hopes of inspiring someone facing their version of adversity. I hope my story will inspire you to achieve your greatness and defy the odds stacked against you.

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Your book is truly an amazing story, I appreciate you sharing it with me. I have no doubt God will use your story to touch a lot of lives in a very positive way.

Dr. Todd Redden

Executive Director

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